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    1 Poller is windows 2008 1 web server is 2008


      Greetings -

      We had a situation last upgrade cycle and I got ahead of myself and thought I had more time to upgrade the OS on these servers.  But moving to NPM 12.2 nixed that (I did not read the entire notes) opps.  Anyways no harm other than a snapshot restore.


      What I am trying to do is the best way to upgrade these put keep everything in place.  I was thinking of an in place upgrade but that might impact performance in the log run.


      What about if I stand up a new poller and web and then just shut down the poller and replace the name and IP ect on the new ones.  Will Orion see it as the same poller after I run the configuration wizards of course or will it see it as something new?


      I appreciate any response we are thinking of just standing up two windows 2016 servers and start software install.  Can i install the bulk of the software offline without contacting the database?  Trying to minimize downtime if possible