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    Time out errors when downloading APE updates


      A couple of my sites have greater distance and latency involved when their APE's need to get Polling Engine updates from my main NPM instance during hot fix / patch episodes.


      They regularly give me this error:



      If I let these servers just sit without clicking Yes or No, I can see the progress bar in the background continue moving to the right until the download is complete, and it appears all I need do is click "Next.  But that's not possible while the previous dialog box is unanswered, and I can't click X on it to remove it.



      If I click No, the process ends and I have to start all over again.


      If I wait until the back progress bar makes it all the way to the right, and then the Solarwinds Orion Compatibility Check Summary window (above) appears, then I can click Yes, and the front dialog box closes I can click "Next" and move through the patch/upgrade.


      It seems as if that initial window about the Downloading Process being interrupted is caused by some arbitrary timer that expires.


      1.  Do you ever experience this?


      2.  Is there something I can do to prevent this?  The download is not truly interrupted.


      3.  Can we get this corrected/repaired/fixed?