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    WHD - FAQ Code and Quote formatting


      Having lots of issues formatting my FAQ entries.

      We are on 12.2.0 I am willing to upgrade, but dont see any mention of this issue in the release notes


      In a ticket details, the Code and Quote work reasonably well

      In FAQ the same options have issues.

      Code seem to do nothing except change the font.

      Quote looks like a quote at first, but after saving and reopening, it more resemble the code option

      If you type content then add Quote section, you cant exit the quote to continue regular content

      If you view in Source, the enter key acts like a save and keeps closing the window.

      ...very frustrating


      Is this cleaned up in newer versions and just not documented?

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          I have downloaded a trial version of 12.5.2 and I see no difference in behavior.

          Further, it seems that once you have added a Quote section (or possibly edit in Source), you cant reopen the entry for further edits. It just says 'Loading' forever

          Is it maybe a browser compatibility issue?  I am seeing the same with both Chrome and IE