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    NPM 12.1 Netpath 1.1.0 Netpath not working


      So first time trying to setup Netpath.


      Could there be bogus issue on why Netpath services will not be working with this version?.


      Response on Network Path polling

      Host Unreachable The endpoint has not allowed a direct network connection after repeated attempts.

      Internal and external network connectivity says the same thing. What could be the issue? Any advise?

      N.B: destinations are cisco devices, switches, router and then the default google.com gave same report.


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          Some things to troubleshoot or verify:

          1. Are you pointing NetPath at a known-open port on the destination site?  If not, then change destination port to something that's being listened for on the destination.
          2. Is your firewall configured to allow your poller(s) to send traffic over the destination port to the destination IP address?  If not, set it up to allow the flow.
          3. Is routing set up to allow your source to get to the destination?  If not, adjust routing accordingly.
          4. Is the destination address behind a firewall that is preventing your flow from succeeding?  If so, contact the firewall administrator at the site and request access for this flow.  Or choose a different port.


          If you have these items correctly configured, you should be able to get discover NetPath information.



          When all else fails, read the NetPath setup information.  It's comprehensive and complete, and should give you ideas about what must be done for a successful NetPath deployment.


          Be aware that some Thwack users have reporedt problems with non-NetPath-related NPM services when NetPath is pointed at destinations and it continually fails to reach them.

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            Try setting up a NetPath using port 80 to Google. I assume that you're using your Orion server as the probe, can you get to the internet from your probe server?