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    Can't get ALL vm TOP xx graph ?


      HI, i'm trying to build a new view/page  with couple graph that show TOP 10 of different metric,  like 1 TOP 10 of all my VM who consume the most network , another one like TOP 10 VM who consume the most CPU and so on....  so having maybe 6 graph on the same page when you put your mouse on the graph you see name of the vm and data....


      I'm only able to get those graph like the "Virtual Machine Network Traffic"  when I click on a Host / node...   so I only get info for those vm In that host...  no way to have this data/graph for the hole cluster wich will have all VM...

      Looking with support the only way we found is to have each host "VIrtual machine network traffic graph "  on the same page...wich sucks  I got 8 host, so 8 graph showing network traffic with their VM. So can't have a fast view knowing wich top 10 vm is consuming a lot of bandwith...  need to look at  8 graph...

      Seem's a preatty basic feature be able to have a TOP 10 of what ever metric of all VM...  bad configuration on my side ??  or missing feature ?

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          Surprised your support person wasn't able to do better than that, its pretty easy.

          Add a custom chart, set up the datasource like this to include all vm's


          Then click add data series, click vm statistics history on the left, pick whatever stat you want in the chart and add it.


          Set it to only show top 10 by average cpu load





          Rinse and repeat for any other charts you want to build.