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    Flood of Alerts- Parent Node(Router) Down


      HI Team,


      Need some Suggestions Over this Topic,


      I have explored the  options on Solarwinds  and Conffigured Auto Dependencies as mentioned in





      However, we are still facing a situation where when a Parent Node( Switch/Router)  down goes down the child Nodes( Access Points) also report down, this is resulting into a flood of Alerts


      Please advise

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          David Smith

          Hi xavierm


          One of the common issues with group dependency and alerting is that your poller doesn't poll your network in a nice sequence. It doesn't start with the router, then the switch then the AP it polls devices in its own special order dependant on varying factors including your poll cycle settings.


          One thing to consider when you're setting up dependencies is to maybe add a slight delay to the polling frequency or the alert trigger for your child nodes. Or increase the sensitivity of your parent node.

          The key thing to remember here is that it takes a specific amount of time for your poller to detect that the parent is down (Example LAN Switch) and put that device into a Warning state. Once the Switch is in Warning then the group dependency kicks in for the child devices, but not before.

          In some instances, you would have already got an alert for the AP before you even get the alert for the Switch so play around with the settings until it works for you.


          Hope that helps.



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