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    Solarwinds SMS Alerts


      I have been tasked with rebuilding all or our current monitoring and alerting setup with Solarwinds and have been doing fine. (Mostly)


      Last step I am stuck on is SMS alerts.


      We plan on hosting our Primary Polling Engine/Frontend on a cloud based service (Azure or AWS) and need a way to still get SMS notifications in case we lose our mail server or a massive internet failure on site.


      I keep seeing references to PageGate and setting it up, but the issue that I have is with a VM offisite and no actual access to hook up a modem. Also this software feels powerful but does not look updated so I am wondering if it is the best option.


      Can anyone recommend a jumping off point to a third party service that might support my needs. I have no issue setting up thru a third party relay service to send actual SMS messages to our Techs after hours if that is needed.


      If anyone has a question let me know.


      Thanks a ton for the assistance.