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    How to Change an Unknown Node (PC) to a Known Node that is not on a Domain?


      Is there a way to change an "unknown" node to known?  Specifically I have a PC (not on a domain) that comes up on NPM as unknown with the machine's name after being discovered.  From the video "Adding Nodes Manually - Video - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support ," I learned that if the PC is on a domain I can use the polling method WMI and input credentials but another question arises, what is "Credential name?"  In the video, the Credential name was "admin" while his username was ctlabs\kenny.newbry (around the 1:53 minute mark of video).  Is the Credential name always admin?  I mean the username suggests nothing of the sort.  What if the user was not an admin, would the Credential name be "User?"  I am confused with this one.  I am not sure why a Credential name is even needed, shouldn't it be optional instead?  Please advise.