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    Package Creation Failing to Install


      Creating a custom .exe package that bundles an MSI ( LAPSX86.MSI ) and a powershell Script to add arguments to the MSI. Outside of Solarwinds the package runs completely fine with no issues and does what i want it to do. but when i add it to a package and publish it for deployment it fails.


      error from log file

      {E70F110D-195A-4954-A46D-F5FA50345F1D} 2017-12-07 11:03:56:103-0500 1 181 [AGENT_INSTALLING_STARTED] 101 {52220A08-208F-4E24-857C-7657A81B8F2C} 2 0 UpdateOrchestrator Success Content Install Installation Started: Windows has started installing the following update: LAPS Admin X86

      {72E60B5F-7E01-43A1-951E-A2CD4790ACD1} 2017-12-07 11:03:56:212-0500 1 182 [AGENT_INSTALLING_FAILED] 101 {52220A08-208F-4E24-857C-7657A81B8F2C} 2 80070667 UpdateOrchestrator Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070667: LAPS Admin X86.


      Error code seems to point to an invalid command line argument but command line option for creating the package is 100% blank.


      I am at a loss as to why it will execute and run outside of windows updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Figured out what was going on with this installation, now i am trying to push this update to 4 machines and i go into the Update Management select the update, and then the machines i need, schedule it for the time later on in the day and the update fails to download to the machines.  Windows update log not showing any push of this update, and Event logs not showing the package even trying to install.  I am able to push the updates to my test group that are assigned to a WSUS group with no problem, but when i try to push this single update to these 4 machines it will not do anything.