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    How to test new releases now that migration (since Core 2017 ) is super complex


      Hi guys,


      In the pre Core 2017 days, planning and performing a test of new software versions was fairly simple.

      All you had to do was:


      - Take a backup of the database and restore it in a test SQL server

      - Spin up a new Windows VM, configure it for an Orion install

      - Install the software to be tested

      - Point the installation to the database on the test SQL server

      - Configure Engines, Node associations, SWIS url etc


      And that would give you 30 days to test the the new software version, compatibility, issues and the likes.


      Nowadays since Core 2017, the above method is no longer possible. You can't run a test of the software before deploying it into production.

      You can't run your software in evaluation mode against a database replica and you can't simply associate orionservers, engines, websites, websettings etc.


      Is there any way to circumvent the hoops to make dealing with this software any easier?

      I'm looking for a solution that will work for a fully loaded Orion platform with all modules.