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    Groups/Users rights to Orion


      Hello, I wanted to grant users access to specific devices regarding node name, I created multiple AD groups and made limitations to nodes name. After adding user into multiple of those groups user just have access to first group on the list of accounts in Orion. Is this something which is normal and how it should behave and I have to make one group with all access rights or is it possible to have situation where user will have access to more than one group.

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          That is the expected behavior, Solarwinds does the group matches to the first group you are a member of based on the order listed in the account management page, it does not combine group memberships or anything else like that.  Local or individual account permissions also supersede any group memberships so if you have an individual account with read only access but are also a member of the admin group you will not get admin privileges because the individual account always takes priority.