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    How might I change UDT so switches' unmonitored ports are monitored?


      I've been using UDT for a couple of months successfully, and I just discovered two sets of switches whose ports show "unmonitored" in UDT.


      I'm uncertain how to change them to monitored, since I'd successfully added all my Cisco switches to UDT weeks ago.  Or is this somehow unnecessary?  No UDT information shows up in NPM's view of the Nodes.


      NPM is already monitoring all of each switches' ports.


      What's the trick to changing a nodes's ports to be monitored in UDT?

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          I just found this tip: when I'm in "Port Management", I'm looking for the interfaces "Port is unmonitored." and I click on these interfaces, one by one.

          Then I click on "monitor" in "Device Tracker Port Details"
          It's a long time ... but it works

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            David Smith

            Hi rschroeder,


            If you know which devices you want to monitor for you can use the search field in the top right to narrow down which nodes are displayed then when you select all it only selects ports that are part of that selection. Or you can use Group By and pick a Custom Property to narrow down your selection choice:



            My examples are not great as I don't have many switches in my lab environment. Hope this helps? Also worth bearing in mind that when you run Auto Discovery you can instruct the system which ports you want to be included for automatic selection.




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              What I have noticed is that when you first enter the Manage ports webpage (User Device Tracker Settings --> Manage Ports) the page sometimes defaults to the Node view instead of Ports view even though the 'Show' Option displays the word 'Ports' instead of 'Nodes'.


              To display the Ports view change the 'Show' option from 'Ports' to 'Nodes' then back to 'Ports'. This refreshes the web page with the correct Ports view . You can then select and re-enable Ports as required.



              Why do ports become unmonitored ?


              Solarwinds support confirmed the following to me today


              If a port/switch is unreachable in UDT for more than 3 Hours, it goes into an unmonitored state.
              (we have feature request open to extend this time )

              This is by design!

              There is a new option in the UDT Database.
              UDT settings table

              By default, this is 3 hours.
              If an end device is not reachable for this period, ports on this device will be shown as unmonitored.


              1. You can manually increase this period. For example, to set it to 10 hours:

              UPDATE UDT_SETTING SET SettingValue=10 WHERE SettingName='UDT.UnmonitorPortDelayHoursWhenNodeIsDownOrReboot'

              I personally do not want UDT permanently disabling monitoring of switch ports. This should be controlled by the administrator of the system. Not happy :-(

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                  Ugh.  This is unexpected.  Many devices are shut off for the evening, or go into sleep mode to save power.  Others are disconnected as users take laptops home for a weekend, and are reconnected on a Monday morning.


                  I (incorrectly?) believed once a port was set to be monitored by UDT, it would stay monitored.


                  It's reasonable to expect that behavior; NPM doesn't unmonitor ports without link/activity after X hours.




                  rogdog, would you mind sharing any online documentation that shows this information with me via links or screen shots?



                  Thank you for looking into this and sharing this information.

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                      I have not seen any online documentation, only the message that I was sent via one of the support team members that I have quoted above.


                      Also, please understand that switch ports go into an unmonitored state only if the Network Switch itself is unreachable by UDT. The logic does not apply to devices/endpoints such as laptops. 


                      Since speaking to the support team I asked more questions and got the following reply

                      Was this design implemented in a recent version of UDT ?

                      Implemented in UDT HF 2 3.3.0


                      Can UDT be set to automatically re-enable the port monitoring when the switch comes back online ? If not, why not ?

                      No , why not because it is not coded into the Design

                      It’s a good idea , I will open a feature request, to submit this to  our Developers

                      A feature request is a request made by a customer to improve added functionality to the Product

                      Sorry but I don’t understand why anyone would want the ports to stay disabled after the switch comes back online. Please enlighten me ?

                      Because the Product is licensed per Port , IRE you pay per port

                      And the Developers thinking was to remove unmonitored ports to free up the user license


                      This seems like a non-workable design to me. I assume that if I lost the main network connection from Orion for more than 3 hrs then ALL UDT ports for ALL switches would be permanently be disabled and I would then have to manually reenable every single port again after the network was re-established ?


                      Yes at the moment thats how UDT works.


                      With feedback form customers the limit may be increased, I can also submit feature request for the limit to be increased.

                      The more feature request that are submitted will increase the likelihood of design change


                      !Note the Feature request is the official channel on which we give feedback to our Developers on product design change


                      I then replied with the following



                      In my opinion it should be the administrator of the system that decides how and when he frees up the Port licenses, not the developers.


                      It seems to me that the DEV team implemented this as a workaround for the problems introduced in UDT 3.3.0 ( where it started poling all devices in Orion rather than the ones currently enabled in UDT) and have not got around to disabling it.


                      Can I set the value of 'UDT.UnmonitorPortDelayHoursWhenNodeIsDownOrReboot' to 0 mean so that the ports will never be disabled ?


                      UPDATE UDT_SETTING SET SettingValue=0 WHERE  SettingName='UDT.UnmonitorPortDelayHoursWhenNodeIsDownOrReboot'

                      I have not yet had a reply from the support team (I expect this to be tomorrow as the team are based in Ireland and I am in the UK)

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                    I just discovered by chance that a few of our switches were no longer being monitored in UDT.


                    To fix, rather than go into each interface individually, I just went into the UDT settings and selected Monitor Ports.


                    From there I expanded each switch to show me which ones had the red Unmonitored port status.  I then select this switch and pressed 'Delete'.  From the pop up, ensure 'Delete node and data from UDT only' is selected.


                    Then, change the view filter  to 'UDT Unmonitored Nodes'.  Tick the applicable switch and select 'Monitor node with UDT'.  Wait a few minutes and they were all monitored again.


                    Definitely a PITA.  Perhaps the config could be changed at least for people with unlimited licenses for this product?


                    Hope this helps.



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