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    Removing Child Objects\Alerts on Non-Existent Scheduled Tasks


      Hello everyone, hoping to get a resolution for this and it's probably me just missing something. We are getting triggered alerts for Non-Successful Windows Scheduled tasks. A lot of these tasks are left over from old users and haven't run successfully in yrs. I've since deleted the offending tasks from the servers but the alerts are still triggering because the specific task was put in as an child object. When trying to edit the triggering condition of the alert, the choice of either "Only the following set of objects", which would require a lot of conditions, or my preferred choice "All Objects in my environment" is there. When I show the list of these objects, it brings up 831 things. A whole bunch of which I'd like to delete, but when I search for xxxxxxxxxxxx, I get the "

      No result found for "xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

      Try searching for something else, use name of an object or try sql query."


      I was under the impression I was searching for an object. I'd really like to remove these objects from the system but can't find them for the life of me. They aren't volumes, interfaces, etc..... they're Scheduled Tasks and I don't want to stop monitoring ALL scheduled tasks on a node, which seems like my only option. Does any one know where these objects are?