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    Migration of NPM to new server: Do you need to manually migrate custom Universal Device Pollers, SNMP and Syslog alert configurations?


      I have NPM 12.1 and I don't see this documented anywhere but I feel the need to get clarification.


      Are all these configurations/settings stored in the NPM database so when I install a new NPM app server and connect it to the database they are "there and ready to go with no configuration"...or do I need to migrate them by hand (export from old NPM then import into the new NPM)?  There are "import/export" functions in all of the separate little UI's that manage them.


      *If* I have to import/export custom pollers:

      - Are the custom pollers going to need to be re-associated with all the nodes they are currently associated with or is that linkage stored in the database so that importing them is all I need to do for a migration?

      - Can I (should) do the import after NPM is installed, but before the Configuration Wizard is run, or after teh COnfiguration Wizard is run?  I feel like I should have the custom pollers installed before the Configuration wizard is run so when NPM taks to teh database for the first time/services start up the pollers are "tere"/