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    DB Size for SAM and WPM having single DB Instance


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where the SQL server(VM) with the initial configurations wrt resources was being built dedicate for SAM and WPM.

      I have around 1100 servers to be monitored from SAM and probably a few hundred App availability and performance monitors in WPM.


      We are facing a situation where another Application is supposed to be using the same SQL server that we were planning to dedicate only for SAM and WPM. The other Application team here has shared their calculation of their Security app named PAM and expecting the following DB space usage:

      Regarding your query, the average data generated from each endpoint, per day would be ~50KB. Considering this, the total data generated for 9000 end points would be 450MB or 0.45GB, per day. The proposed data drive of 200GB on the database server (for storing SQL data file) would be sufficient for 1 year.


      Can someone please tell me or guide me with how much space (daily data generation for SAM and WPM DB as like in PAM described above) may be required on a daily basis and eventually for an year when monitoring around 1100 servers from SAM(may be various monitors used per servers) and a few hundred transactions monitored in WPM(say 200 or 300).


      Any clarifications required, please feel free to let me know of that.


      Your response and guidance will help me immensely.


      Right now, I was planning to go with 32 GB RAM and 350 GB of disk space only for SAM and WPM. But with the sharing of SQL server by PAM i need to ensure the VM server (SQL) are rightly sized to ensure smooth operation for SQL going forward and not impacting SAM and WPM hence.



      Thanks and Regards,