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    New Orion Installer not working on Large Scaled environment


      Today i was planning the upgrade of my solarwinds installation.

      We have additional polling engines in remote locations, the main poller is in Belgium, and the additional polling engines are in India, Brazil and the US.

      The solarwinds orion installer was always failing because of timeouts.

      There is a workaround described Installer fails with a socket connection message when installing from the main poller - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help …

      But this can only be done when you start the upgrade, so planning is not an option here. before this new installer there where offline installer packages for the additional servers, now there isn't one anymore.

      I'm currently already 8hours in the upgrade fase and still not done, it will probably still take me a couple of hours and this all because we can't plan ahead and copy all files over before we start.


      It would be great if the offline installers are back available. i'm quite sure that the new installers works fine in a lab environment and when the polling engines are local for me this is not an option.