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    FTP Voyager Scheduler time out


      Hi everyone,


         I am new to FTP Voyager, and I am using FTP Scheduler feature to sync the data on remtoe ftps site. It


      Client OS: Windows 7 /10 Professional

      Server: Windows 2012 R2 with FileZilla Server installed.


      Issue details:  I want to sync the data on ftps server to my local network share driver. It happens that when the transfor over the internet, If I set up the ftps in the intranet, there is no problem.


      But I am SURE that all the ports that FileZilla using is opened on the firewall. I can use FTP Voyager client to download the files manually


      Based on the documentation on the offical website, I disable the UAC and use UNC instead of mapped letter. When I sync the data, a few minutes later, I found the following errors:


      Error logs from FTP Client

      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:18 - Private IP address returned by the server in response to PASV command.


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:18 - Converting private IP address XXXXXX to public IP address XXXX.


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:18 - Opening passive mode data connection to XXXX, port 51145.


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - Negotiating SSL connection with server...


      [05] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - MLSD


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - SSL connection established. All transactions are now secure.


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - Encryption cipher: 256 bit AES; Version: TLSv1/SSLv3.


      [06] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - 150 Opening data channel for directory listing of "XXXXX"


      [06] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - 226 Successfully transferred "XXXXX"


      [03] Mon 04Dec17 13:04:19 - Transferred 7,413 bytes. 114.91 KB/sec.


      [06] Mon 04Dec17 13:06:19 - 421 Connection timed out.


      I also use Wireshark to troubleshot the problem and found that there is no responsing from client after FTP server send the ACK packet:



      Any ideas on the issue?