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    NPM slow web PROBLEM




      I have one problem which I cant resolve for years, My Solarwinds orion NPM web performance is slow, it needs 6-7 seconds to load for example manage nodes page, if I enter in node it takes

      about 10-15 seconds to load, I dont have lot of nodes and interfases, I have 4300 elements, pooling engine is at 35%


      Hardware Configuration:



      Dell poweredge r720

      2x Intel xeon E5-2630 v2  2.6 Ghz

      RAM 32GB DDR3

      DISK - C  for windows and orion . 1x SSD - SAMSUNG PM863a




      Dell poweredge r730

      2x Intel xeon E5-2630 v3  2.4 Ghz

      RAM: 96GB DDR4


      DISK - C for windows.  1x SSD - SAMSUNG PM863a


      DISK -D for SolarWindsOrion.mdf and FG1 FG2 FG3 FG4 files. 2x SSD - SAMSUNG PM863a  in RAID0


      DISK - E for SolarWindsOrion_log.  2x SSD - SAMSUNG PM863a  in RAID0


      DISK - F for SQL  installation. all sql files are in disk F (also I change sql templog files from 8 to 24 for max speed) 2x SSD - SAMSUNG PM863a  in RAID0


      I have connected ORION and SQL server via 1Gigabit port.


      Please if you can help, My company wants to change NPM because of slow web speed. I love NPM and want to finde solution.