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    Syslog server not receiving messages in  TCP/SSL mode




      I have installed kiwi syslog server eval version and trying to configure syslog in TCP SSL mode.


      First, these are the steps I following to configure the server:

           a) created a self signed certificate using java keytool.

           b) imported into windows certificates personal and trusted roots folder.

           c) selected the imported certificate in kiwi setup configuration.


      After following the above steps , I got below error in Event log file.


      2017-11-29 16:40:06 Unable to bind secure TCP listener to port 6514 There might be a problem with the certificate provided.


      After googling for this error, I got below link and used IIS server to create a self-signed certificate

      Re: Kiwi Syslog Server does not display secure ASA syslogs


      After configuring certificate  which is generated from IIS, I started getting below error.

      2017-11-30 12:37:30 Source: C:\Windows\SysWow64\mswinsck.ocx Error: Socket is non-blocking and the specified operation will block



      But , I was able to receive messages in SSL mode using java code running in same box where syslog server is installed. If I try to run same java code from any  box other than kiwi server, it is not receiving messages.


      Observed similar behavior for TCP mode as well. 


      How to check syslog server is configured correctly or not? Is there any way to do that?.



      Thanks in Advance!!