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    Reports not including clients from Downstream servers.


      I have a few report we run monthly for QC. Recently I set up a few downstream servers and while they do show on the console I cannot get them to show in reports. The filter on the reports is set to "Workstation" but I am only getting a report of clients on my main WSUS server. Am I missing something simple?

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          OK, so i think that this might be due to the configuration of your WSUS Inventory task.


          As you may be aware, the reports in the Windows Server Update Services and Windows Server Update Services Analytics folders pull their data from the Patch Manager database.

          To populate the data into the Patch Manager database, you would usually schedule a task called WSUS Inventory.   That task would show up in Administration and Reporting -> Scheduled Tasks.


          I think that the default for WSUS is that the upstream WSUS will roll up the data from the downstream servers (unless you tell WSUS to do it differently)


          If my assumption there is correct, then i think the 'problem' you are seeing is that when you made the WSUS Inventory task you probably chose the default option "Direct" for the 'Direct or All' option.


          You may have to:


          • Go into Scheduled Tasks and delete the existing WSUS Inventory task
          • Highlight your WSUS server name and right click it, then choose WSUS Inventory (to create a new task).  In the settings for it change the 'Direct or All' line to All.  The rest of the settings are probably OK at default.   Be sure to schedule that task to recur at least once a day (or maybe every 8 or 12 hours instead)


          Once that 'new' WSUS Inventory task runs i think your reports might have the data you're looking for.