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    After  installing UDT, I frequently see this alert:  "New UDT polling jobs (388) are still running..."  Support can't fix it.  What's this mean?


      A couple of months ago I upgraded NPM to 12.2, and all the other matching upgrades for NCM, NTA.  I also installed the recommended Hot Fixes.


      Then I bought IPAM and UDT and installed them, along with one more APE.


      They ran OK for a few weeks, but now I've got this message showing up in the Alerts part of NPM's home page:


      New UDT polling jobs (388) are still running...


      I searched for that message in Support & Thwack; haven't found the issue.  I was hoping it was something I could correct by changing UDT  polling timeouts, but although I've tried doubling them once, and doubling them a second time, there's been no improvement.


      Might you have an idea about what's going on here?  I've had reoccurring issues where the C drives on APE have filled, and SW Support seems to think the issue is possibly:

      • The C drives are sized too small (they're not, per SW recommendation)
      • Anti-Virus is stopping reports from getting to the main NPM instance (AV is configured to exempt the recommended directories, but the logs say communications are failing between the APE's and NPM)
      • I removed failing NetPath monitors in hopes that might fix it.  No luck.


      If you have ideas on what's going on with my UDT, based on this alert, I'd love to hear from you.