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    Report for MS SQL applications


      Hi all,


      I would appreciate help writing a report that can show me MS SQL server metrics

      I can get these using SQL management studio via a query; however, I would like to build this into a web report.


      Total Memory MBAvailable Memory MBServerNameTotal Page FileAvailable Page File Size MBKernal Paged Pool MBKernal Non-Paged Pool MBSystem Memory StateMemUsed


      -- To get the total physical memory installed on SQL Server

      SELECT [total_physical_memory_kb] / 1024 AS [Total_Physical_Memory_In_MB]

          ,[available_page_file_kb] / 1024 AS [Available_Physical_Memory_In_MB]

          ,[total_page_file_kb] / 1024 AS [Total_Page_File_In_MB]

          ,[available_page_file_kb] / 1024 AS [Available_Page_File_MB]

          ,[kernel_paged_pool_kb] / 1024 AS [Kernel_Paged_Pool_MB]

          ,[kernel_nonpaged_pool_kb] / 1024 AS [Kernel_Nonpaged_Pool_MB]

          ,[system_memory_state_desc] AS [System_Memory_State_Desc]

      FROM [master].[sys].[dm_os_sys_memory]


      --To get the minimum and maximum size of memory configured for SQL Server.

      SELECT [name] AS [Name]

          ,[configuration_id] AS [Number]

          ,[minimum] AS [Minimum]

          ,[maximum] AS [Maximum]

          ,[is_dynamic] AS [Dynamic]

          ,[is_advanced] AS [Advanced]

          ,[value] AS [ConfigValue]

          ,[value_in_use] AS [RunValue]

          ,[description] AS [Description]

      FROM [master].[sys].[configurations]

      WHERE NAME IN ('Min server memory (MB)', 'Max server memory (MB)')


      Thanks in advance