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    Compliance reporting using the output of the "show run all"


      I don't think this is possible, so maybe this can turn into a feature request.


      Our security team identified a vulnerability where Cisco offers a workaround to minimize the attack vector.  The workaround has to do with enabling a command (if it's available in the IOS version).  Unfortunately, when this command is enabled, it only shows up in the "show run all" output.  Is there a way in NCM to search the "show running all" output?  I'm only looking into this as a way of automating that the command is on the device rather than accessing each device one at a time. 


      I think my only option for proving to our security team that this was done was providing the email notifications that the push was successful via NCM.


      I have a case open on this so I will respond when I hear from them.