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    Maximum Number of Netflow Interfaces (Dedicated NTA Flow Storage Server)?


      I recently updated my NTA setup to use a dedicated separate server for flow storage. I'm monitoring 181 interfaces in NTA for one of my Solarwinds instances.

      I'm looking to increase this number by adding my public internet connections (25 or so). I have been recently getting errors where I am monitoring NTA in SAM, for "Packet Dropped: Insufficient Performance".

      When this occurs I have to go into the primary and restart the Netflow service.  The time period doesn't coincide with the daily Netflow database maintenance.

      I'm seeing the cached data queue length go up during the same time, but it only lasts for about 30 minutes.

      Top talker percentage is at 95.


      So before I dedicate time/effort to adding the internet connections I wanted to know if anyone has documentation on the maximum amount of collection interfaces with the setup of a dedicated flow storage server, with 1 primary and 4 APEs reporting in?


      I didn't see it in the NTA admin guide, thwack posts, or the Success Center.