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    NOC alerts view




      I'm trying to find a way to display all the alerts that triggered and that are no longer active, but that were not acknowledge by the NOC.


      Because, we sometime have a case were an alert trigger, but is resolved automatically within a minute and nobody had the chance to take ownership (acknowledge and open incident) of the alert, but we still want to track it. Exemple : node down, node up (reboot of network device)


      I known that we could set the reset condition to "No reset action - Manually remove the alert from the active alerts list", but that would add an additional step in our alert management process.


      Any ideal?


      Thank you!

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          Try this in a custom query resource, i filtered it to alerts that were reset without an acknowledge.



          --report on alerts triggered

          select ac.Name


          ,'/Orion/NetPerfMon/ActiveAlertDetails.aspx?NetObject=AAT:'+ToString(AlertObjectID) as [_linkfor_Name]

          ,EntityCaption as [Trigger Object]

          ,EntityDetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Trigger Object]


          WHEN RelatedNodeCaption=EntityCaption THEN 'Self'

          When RelatedNodeCaption!=EntityCaption THEN RelatedNodeCaption

          End as [Parent Node]

          ,RelatedNodeDetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Parent Node]

          ,'/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + p.StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Parent Node]

          ,tostring(tolocal(ah.TimeStamp)) as [Trigger Time]

          ,case when ack.timestamp is null then 'N/A'

          else tostring(minutediff(ah.TimeStamp,ack.timestamp))

          end as [Minutes Until Acknowledged]

          ,ack.Message as [Note]

          ,case when reset.timestamp is null then 'N/A'

          else tostring(minutediff(ah.TimeStamp,reset.timestamp))

          end as [Minutes Until Reset]


          FROM Orion.AlertHistory ah

          left join Orion.AlertObjects ao on ao.alertobjectid=ah.alertobjectid

          left join Orion.AlertConfigurations ac on ac.alertid=ao.alertid

          left join Orion.Actions a on a.actionid=ah.actionid

          left join Orion.Nodes p on p.nodeid=RelatedNodeID

          left join (select timestamp, AlertActiveID, AlertObjectID,message from orion.alerthistory ah where eventtype=2) ack on ack.alertactiveid=ah.AlertActiveID and ack.alertobjectid=ah.AlertObjectID

          left join (select timestamp, AlertActiveID, AlertObjectID from orion.alerthistory ah where eventtype=1) reset on reset.alertactiveid=ah.AlertActiveID and reset.alertobjectid=ah.AlertObjectID




          and ah.eventtype=0

          and ack.timestamp is null

          and reset.timestamp is not null

          --and (ac.Name like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' or EntityCaption like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' or RelatedNodeCaption like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%')


          order by ah.timestamp desc


          -Marc Netterfield

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