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      The documentation for both the "TFTP Server Settings" and "SCP Server Settings" web pages (found by going to Settings > NCM Settings in your Orion Web Console, provided you own NCM of course) is quite sparse.  It isn't clear what we are configuring exactly.


      When I go to the SCP Server Settings page (seen in the screenshot below) it lists all of my polling engines and has a Username and Password field for each one, along with a place to put a SCP Server IP and the Config Transfer Directory.  I don't understand why there are separate entries for each polling engine.  What do the polling engines have to do with setting up the SCP Server Settings?  Is it intended that we setup a SCP server on each polling engine?  If so, why?  That sounds like a pain in the **** as well as completely unnecessary.


      What we've done is setup a SCP server on our NTA Database server.  So our SCP server doesn't live on any of our polling engines.


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