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    Nodes not showing up in basic report


      I'm trying to create a report that shows all of our Cisco devices that NPM monitors and their serial number.  I kind of have it working to show members of switch stacks as well, but it does not appear to capture all switch stack members.  Some stacks are missing entirely.


      Parameters on this report are:


      parameters of report


      We installed a switch stack several months ago that is being monitored in NPM but does not show up at all in this report.  Is there an easy way to figure out why a node would not show up?

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          As another data point, if I run the built in report "Physical Entities (Serial Number)" I notice that some of the nodes missing in my other report show up, but it's just the master switch.  The master switch also does not have any data on the serial number.  Another switch stack shows up, but only with four members instead of the six that it should have.


          Is this a database problem, or do I need to delete and re-add our switches?

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              I also tried this for serial numbers and IOS images on my 2960X stacks.

              Many stack members missing, even after deleting and adding switches back in.

              The ones that are in the report have accurate serial numbers but they show the same image/version as the master so that doesn't work either.