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    AppInsights for Exchange (Issues, DAG, Perfmon Instances) SAM 6.4.0


      I just wanted to share.


      After our upgrade to 12.2 (only took us 1.5 hours to upgrade our whole prod environment) we have some free cycles and have shifted focus to cleaning up AppInsights for Exchange.

      We have 6 Prod and 6 DR Exchange servers. Out of the 12 SAM monitors 6 were in an unknown state. This is what we found...


      Narrowed down the components on each server, 4 out of 6 were component issues under Database Copies->Dag##-##.

      we then took a look at the Performance Counter that was not working or unavailable. Remote session with the Performance Monitor on the specific server reporting Unknown helped us check the validity between SolarWinds and the Exchange box in question. We were able to locate the Performance Counter that appinsights for exchange indicated were not present. BUT... we were unable to locate the Instance (DAG). So from our prospective there was an issue on the exchange box, we found this artical that helped determine what was being sent from the exchange box to SolarWinds.


      Part of this was confusing, why would the exchange server send information about the DAG database and we were unable to locate the PerfMon Instance for that DAG database on the specific exchange server.


      I forgot to mention these are all AGENT BASED.

      AppInsight for Exchange: Unexpected DAG status - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      So the command confirmed that YES the exchange server was sending the data about the DAG in question to SolarWinds no doubt.

      Next after talking with the Exchange engineers we uncovered that out of all the Primary DAG's for that server none of them were listed in the Performance Monitor.

      This confirmed that SolarWinds was reporting a correct issue. (They didn't want to admit something was wrong on their side until we discovered and showed them all this information)

      So they were not sure what was causing this so they rebooted the server in question last night and .... the correct PerfMon Instances for the Primary DAG Databases are now present.

      Solarwinds is no longer indicating that server is in an Unknown state. We are having them reboot the 3 others having issues.


      Now for the 2 other servers (DR) They were also indicating an Unknown state and after drilling down found that Database Copies-> All Dags were indicating an unknown status. But after expanding each DAG the underlying components were all GREEN and collecting data. After reaching out to Solarwinds Engineers they determined the Content Index was showing unknown and causing the issue. So off to run another script directly on the exchange server in question:


      (REPLACE IDENTITY with the Server)

      Invoke-Command -Session $sess -ScriptBlock {Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Active:$false -Server "${IDENTITY}"} | Select-Object Identity, MailboxServer, DatabaseName, Status, ActiveCopy, ActiveDatabaseCopy, ActivationPreference, ContentIndexState, CopyQueueLength, ReplayQueueLength, DiskTotalSpace, DiskFreeSpace, DiskFreeSpacePercent, DatabaseVolumeMountPoint, LogVolumeMountPoint


      After doing this all the DAGS that we were having trouble with indicated ContentIndexState = AutoSuspended.

      So my assumption here is that the Appinsights for exchange cant handle this content index state.


      We called up SolarWinds and they knew about this and it will be fixed in the next version to be released (DEC 2017) Version 6.5

      Else the current RC for SAM also have this fix.



      Ok thanks for reading!