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    SAM WMI Ports Requirements


      Hi All,


      Am new to Solarwinds SAM.

      Have been going through all the PDFs and also the videos for the better understanding of the Tool and its implementation.


      Got stuck with one point which is related to the WMI port requirements- In the PDF it says:

      Monitors and templates using WMI

      These lists provide the component monitors and templates that use and support WMI. Microsoft Windows by default uses a random port between 1024 and 65535 for WMI communications. You must create firewall exceptions to allow TCP/UDP traffic on ports 1024 - 65535 or the component monitors and templates that use WMI will not work.


      I am not able to understand and conclude if i should really Push my Network Security team to Open the Range of Ports from 1024 to 65535? And i obviously have been hinted by them that they WONT open so many ports. Which is logical too as sounds to me.


      Did get a few links on google that said - I can BIND one single PORT on the SAM server for WMI and get this SINGLE port opened on the FIrewall too. Is this Right? OR is there another way out to enable the required ports enabled for WMI.


      Please guide me with your experience on this and I can go ahead then ask the Network Security team to enable those respective port(s) ONLY for WMI monitoring of the target-servers from SAM servers.


      I would be using SNMP and WMI for monitoring the servers.


      Looking forward to hearing soon on this please.


      I definitely would be assigning the Points as well for all the inputs. I wont be miser on that


      Thanks and Regards,