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    Trying to Add Print Spooler As An Alert


      I'm new to SAM alerting. I've been poking around at it and I can't seem to figure this one thing out. On my print server there is a server named "Print Spooler". I'm trying to create an alert that tells me when this application has been stopped. When I create the trigger as application name and search for Print Spooler, it is obviously nowhere to be found. How can I make it to where I can tell if the spooler is stopped?

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          Isnt it a windows service?


          Find the node in Solarwinds and click service control manager



          then find the service and click the start monitoring this service


          go through the setup then you will have monitored the service.


          Next you look at the alert..


          And in there you can restart the service, let me know how you get on.

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