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    Using O365 Exchange for emails in WHD


      Hi all,

      Recently deployed WHD, have one question about email settings. We use O365 for Exchange and every so often I notice that notification emails don't get sent out. When I check under Setup > E-mail > Outgoing Mail Accounts I see a red error box next to my "Outgoing Mail Accounts" setup. The fix is usually just to go in and make a change, save, change it back, and save. The error box turns green and things are good. Any ideas why this happens? It's quite annoying as it's not obvious that emails aren't being sent unless you go into WHD and notice the errors. The settings I have are below, do I need to change my settings? Has anyone else had this happens? Thanks for any help!


      SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com Port 587 SSL CHECKED

      Default: Yes

      SMTP Authentication: Simple

      SMTP Username: helpdesk@domain.com

      SMTP Password: Password of the account

      Friendly Name for Web Help Desk E-Mail Address: helpdesk@domain.com

      Web Help Desk E-Mail Address: helpdesk@domain.com

      Accepted Domains: *blank*

      Incoming Mail Accounts: helpdesk@domain.com

      Advanced E-Mail Properties: *blank*