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    Packages recognition issues [Linux]



      I use Sublime Text on several Linux (Lubuntu) machines and synchronize the whole
      directory to a git repository so that when I need to set a new machine up I just git clone the repo on the new Linux machine and I'm done.

      In the last setup I made, while installing Lubuntu 17.10 32bit, I set different entry points for the root partition / and the /home partition. I think this is the cause of the below problem:
      I installed Sublime Text 3 stable release and it works correctly except that it cannot install automatically Package Control and all the related packages that usually get automatically downloaded when I make a new installation and git clone the settings. Also it does not remember the opened files.

      Can you please help me solving this?


      Please help.



      I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



      Packages recognition issues [Linux] - Technical Support - Sublime


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