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    [Kali Linux] Issues with first time booting



      I decided to use my raspberry pi for wifi-cracking, fake APs, etc (On my own WiFi networks obviously)

      So, I downloaded the Kali Linux arm image for RPi 2/3. Wiped my 8GB Micro SD card clean with diskpart (Windows Laptop),

      burned in the image file use Win32DiskImager. Everythings seemed to be working just fine.

      So I decided to hook up my Pi to my TV via HDMI, and when it booted up, I saw the rainbow screen, and it seemed like it started booting up. But during the booting process, I saw a bunch of errors, and the booting stopped right there.


      What is going wrong here? If someone could clarify or even tutor me through the procedure, that would be great!


      Please help.



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      [Kali Linux] Issues with first time booting - Raspberry Pi


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