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    Caption name vs sysname


      I'm noticing that I have been fighting with SolarWinds on my caption names. The caption names should be the friendly names we want to see in our SolarWinds list of managed devices, vs the sysname which is the name applied to the appliance in the config.

      I have a ton of fail over pairs of devices in my environment. We will have two distinct appliances, each with a slightly different name, but since they share a single config, SolarWinds sees them as having the same name.


      I can go in through the web interface, or even force a change directly via SQL statement, but after it cycles through and polls the device again, it will change the caption name to match the sysname. Every time.


      Anyone else fighting with this? Is there a way to prevent it?


      Seems like the caption name should be untouchable by SolarWinds to auto change.


      I've sen loads of question where people WANTED their sysname and caption name to be the same, but is there anyone else out there looking to have distinctly different caption names from their sysnames?


      I now run a SQL script to change the caption names back to what I want them to be, but I truly shouldn't have to do this.


      Anyone know how to configure my caption names to be set by ME, not SolarWinds?