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    Alerting: Double Value Comparison with Custom Properties or Variable Comparison


      I am trying to create an hourly check on a heartbeat timestamp that is received as a custom property. The heartbeat timestamp comes in via API with format: 2017-11-17T06:44:47-08:00.

      First I tried creating an alert using date and time variables. I noticed when using the syslog date and time variables in custom properties, they would actually populate properly. Ex: I created a custom property with: ${YEAR}-${MM}-${DD}T${HH}  and it would show as: 2017-11-17T09. So I tried creating an hourly alert that would make sure the Heartbeat timestamp started with: ${YEAR}-${MM}-${DD}T${HH}. This didn't work

      I also tried doing a Double Value Comparison alert. The check would be to compare the Heartbeat custom property and make sure it started with the Date_Hour custom property that i made (which is still just the ${YEAR}-${MM}-${DD}T${HH}). This didn't work either.

      Neither one of these would trigger an alert when I manually changed the Heartbeat to a different time.

      Any suggestions or help with this would be much appreciated.