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    Service Now Issue


      We have integrated Solar-winds  with Service now tool for creating incidents for node down alerts in SOlarwinds.

      But what happens like, integration is good and incidents are created/resolved as per our expectation.

      But if alert triggers for same device, the same service now incident is getting updated with new details instaed of creating a new incident.


      For example, Node A goes down, and service now incidnet INC123 created. If the node A comes up, service now incident INC123 got resolved automatically which we expected.

      But if the same node A goes down again after 2 mins or 30 mins or whatever time, instead of creating a new incident, it updating the old incident INC123 in service now.

      But we need a new incident for that new alert.


      Can anyone please help me on this issue? As discussed with Service now team they advised, for each and every alert from solarwinds, unique  elementmanageralertid should be created but solarwinds creates same id for each and every alert from the same nodes. I suspect any issue in elementmanageralertid configuration in SNOW option in soalwrinds or please help on this issue.


      My requirement is, for each and every alert from solarwinds, if it from same or different nodes, a new incident should be created in service now.



      Gokul Kurunthasalam