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    How do I find specific server services in the Orion database?


      So I am attempting to locate the table where services for specific servers in the Orion (V3) AD database.


      I understand that all services will not be in one single location.


      I am operating on the assumption that they will be separated out based on the server they are running on, though I have no validation this is the case.


      Ill be using power shell latter with the "swis" cmdlet to determine if certain application services are active on specified servers.


      Thank you.

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          You can use Orion SDK and SWQL to accomplish that.

          In the {} Orion.APM -> Orion.APM.Component table, you will find status for all application components from all servers, including services and other application parameters.


          SELECT ComponentID, Name, ShortName, ComponentType, ComponentEvidenceType, ApplicationID, TemplateID, ComponentName, DetailsUrl, FullyQualifiedName, UserDescription, UserNotes, ComponentOrder, ApplicationItemID, Description, Unmanaged, UnmanageFrom, UnmanageUntil, Status, StatusDescription

          FROM Orion.APM.Component


          This is how it looks:


          I would make it cleaner by deleting few values, for example:


          SELECT ComponentID, Name, ApplicationID, DetailsUrl, StatusDescription

          FROM Orion.APM.Component


          This is the result, with simple report for services (i.e. DHCP, Firewall) and current status:


          To create a table with servers, you would need to use "ApplicationID" and cross reference it with another SWQL query.


          Below you can download the SDK:



          I hope this will help you.


          Kind regards,

          Marcin Kazmierczak.


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