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    SAM Administrator Query


      I'm trying to get a quick view of all of my SAM admins without opening every Orion account and paging down to the SAM User Role field. Can I get that out of the DB using a simple query? I don't see a table that seems to be the one that would contain that right, and it isn't in the "accounts" table.

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          Hello Chuck,


          First I have checked SolarWinds SDK, but the information about SAM Admin privileges is not available there (maybe I am missing something).

          The only way I found is a custom SQL query. My test SolarWinds database is "SolarWindsOrionV3" and I am querying table "dbo.APM_WebUserPermissions".

          In the past, SAM module had a different name - APM - and you can still find it inside the system from time to time.


          I created below simple query, which I tested and it is working as expected.

          You will need to use "SQL Management Studio", "SolarWinds Database Manager" or other SQL software to run it.


          SELECT *

            FROM [SolarWindsOrionV3].[dbo].[APM_WebUserPermissions]

            WHERE PermissionName = 'APM.AllowAdmin' AND PermissionValue = 'True'


          And the results look as below:


          You can go one step further and create a SAM custom SQL query template and monitor the number of SAM admins using SolarWinds. A simple auditor monitoring


          I hope this will help you.


          Kind regards,

          Marcin Kazmierczak.


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