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    NPM 12.2 Message Center Trap View


      After upgrading to NPM 12.2 from 12.0.1, I've noticed a change to the way traps are displayed on the Message Center page.  Before 12.2, the Message Center page displays all of a trap's data on one line, now it appears each piece of trap data is displayed on a separate line.  This is real pain because the multiple lines hog up valuable screen space when using Message Center.  The 12.2 Traps page still displays traps the way Message Center used to before 12.2.  I see no value in the way 12.2 Message Center is displaying the traps.  I would consider this a bug but can anyone see a beneficial purpose for the change?


      Under NPM 12.2 Message Center page.  Notice the multiple lines.


      Under NPM 12.2 Traps page

      I hope somebody from Solarwinds can respond with an official answer.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.