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    Nexus 7700 SFPs getting recognized as powersupply


      In our Nexus 7700 chassis we have always the Hardware state in warning state, because insertet, but not active SFPs are recognized as powersupply with a faulty Voltage.


      So we always get a warning E-Mail about the Interface. Even if it is unmonitored or muted we get an alarm as the powersupply is recognized as part of the chassis..

      I played around with the MIBs, changing them from "entitity-MIB" to "envmon-MIB" (i did this already successfully on old Chassis) but it's not working with the Nexus Chassis.


      I am bewildered, these chassis are around quite a long time. There is no difference in the NX-OS versions.. 6/7/8 all showing same result


      Any Ideas how i can get this correctly to work?