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    SWQL Query Performance


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      Hi all,


      I'm currently running a SWQL query which is monitoring all conversations taking place on all company servers over a sample period of time.

      It is taking a very long time to execute and I'm hoping to improve performance. The query is very basic and contains 3 joins.


      Would anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of how the query performance could be improved?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Anthony,

          Well, it can depend on lots of things. Actually everything, since for a System to run some simple SQL Query should not be a problem at all given that the Server (SQL Server) has enough resources like RAM, CPU. It also depends on how big your environment is. Is it a dedicated Server just for MSSQL? Meaning, are you running lots of other applications and stuffs on the same server? Depends also on from where you are trying to run the query from? Is it from Solarwinds Server to the dedicated SQL Server? In that case, how long does the SW server takes to connect to the SQL Server. Meaning, network connection issues, firewall, antivirus. I know by now that Solarwinds won't let you run it properly if you have any antivirus running on it. It makes everything very slow. Do the Views in your solarwinds server load quick enough or do you have to wait like for close to 10 seconds or even more?


          As I said earlier, it can depend on lots of other things. I have just mentioned a couple of them that came into my mind.


          However, there is a way to find out what is taking so long to load your query on solarwinds webpage.

          You can try to check the time being consumed for any views in solarwinds by using LogAdjuster from Solarwinds Server.


          Go to Orion Server-> Search for Logadjuster -> change the First and Third Values from the drop down from False to True -> Apply


          Now go to the Solarwinds Webinterface -> logout if you were logged in -> Then log in again and wait for a couple of minutes and keep on refresh the web browser. You will see some RED button on the Top middle of the Solarwinds web page. Click on it and it will show you how long the view page takes to load as well as how long it takes to run all the queries. I am out of the office right now, otherwise I could have posted some screenshots so you could have a visual.


          I will try to do it tomorrow.