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    Migration to another server : When to execute the Config Wizard ?


      Hi all,


      I've searched for a while before asking my question here but I haven't found anything.

      I'm planning to migrate my main Orion server on which runs NPM/NCM/NTA and IPAM.
      I have found the Migration Guide provided by SolarWinds but there is still a question on which I don't know how to proceed..


      During the step when I setup/install my modules on the new server, should I execute the Configuration Wizard between each module installation ?

      (I mean, NPM > Config Wizard > NCM > Config Wizard > NTA > Config Wizard > IPAM > Config Wizard ?)

      Or should I cancel the Configuration Wizard poping windows at the end of the setup of each module to proceed to the setup of the next module ?


      If i'm not clear, do not hesitate to tell me.
      Thanks a lot in advance !