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    An increasing number of nodes show up in NPM's Hardware Health Overview as "Unknown" after upgrades & hot fixes


      After seeing multiple Cisco switches (2960S, 2960XR, 3850, and 6509-VSS) devices showing up as "Undefined" in NPM's Hardware Health Overview, I opened a Support Case with Solarwinds.  I'm not used to seeing ANY nodes "Undefined", and I rely on this view as a quick check to see that all power supplies & fans, etc. are in good working order.


      The Solarwinds engineer remoted into one of my APE's and ran the local MIB walk tool against a switch that is "Undefined".  The local MIB walk tool bypasses the SW Orion SQL database info, and it was unable to MIB walk multiple newly-Undefined Hardware switches on my network.  This had worked properly pre-IPAM / UDT installation / NPM 12.2 upgrade.


      He decided the problem wasn't with NPM, but was with the switches.


      So I opened a TAC case with Cisco for a 6509 that was showing up as "Undefined" in NPM.  Their analysis showed no problems with the switch.


      So I updated SW Support, and it's in there hands now.  I initially thought this might be associated with too many snmp queries and my new UDT or new IPAM, but having disabled both of those, the issue remains.


      SW Support has escalated this, and I'm moving away from IPAM or UDT as a possible cause.


      If you see nodes that were previously showing "Up" in the NPM Hardware Health Overview, and are now showing "Undefined", I'd be interesting in learning about your environment and its changes immediately prior to the nodes going "Undefined".


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