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    2016 Server - WMI Port exhaustion


      Has anyone else had issues with this?  Anyone know if their is an out of band hotfix for it?   I couldn't not find anything searching technet.

      Twice I have been hit by one server causing port exhaustion on a poller.


      From what I can tell,

           1. WMI connection attempts to establish

           2. connection times out, but never closes.   It does not even enter a time_wait status.

           3.  Eventually application monitors start to fail across the board due to port exhaustion.



      I uploaded the application monitor i threw together for this too. 


      Ephemeral Port Monitor





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          Hey Bro,


          So I'm having similiar issues on a poller and wanted a good solution to kind of keep track and atleast predict what's going on. A restart of the services or server usually does it as well. I'll be opening up a ticket today, so hopefully I can get some further resolution.


          I'm running this on my 2nd poller which is 2012 r2.


          I couldn't get your template to work, any further instructions that would be needed for it? Runs in PS just fine on the server and remote execution is set to unrestricted, but all I get is output as not defined.