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    DPA Integration Module 11.1 now available as RC


      Hi all,

      If you want to try the new DPA Integration Module (DPAIM), it is now available in the customer portal.  There are a couple of ways to try it:

      • If you don't own an Orion module, or want to try the new features before upgrading, you can install DPAIM on its own - it is now a standalone module.
      • If you own an Orion product (SAM, NPM, etc.) and have DPA integrated, and want to upgrade, you can either 1) Download the RC of the other product, DPAIM will be upgraded automatically, or 2) Download DPAIM and upgrade, the other modules should be upgraded automatically.

      For DPA customers who don't own any other SolarWinds products, I encourage you to download and try the DPAIM module - it will give you additional functionality you can't find in DPA (yet). 

      See all the great features in the DPAIM 11.1 Release Notes,and let us know what you think once you get it installed.