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    Need help with upload timeout issue


      I am using ServU File Sharing portal with th e"Request Files From Guest User" feature. I have set the max file upload for this user to be 100GB and ther eis more than that free space on this account's home directory. I successfully send the file request out to my test email account, and try to upload an 8GB file.  The process fails within 1 minute with the error "The server failed to respond to a NOOP command (HTTP code: 401). Your session may have timed out. Please try logging in again."

      The Idle limit is set to 10 minutes, but this limit is not reached.


      And I expect customers to have to upload 50-60 GB files; I can't seem to override this any larger than 10 minutes, which may pose another problem.


      Does anyone know how I can employ the Guest File Request and not have a customer experience of "timeout" and "fail" on uploads?


      Thanks in advance,