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    Hiding SNMP community strings




      We'd like to hide community strings on all the configs we back up using NCM.  Currently the string is readable with any text editor if the person has access to the folder where they are saved.  For compliance reasons, we would like to change that.  I added "Hide SNMP Community Strings" in NCM settings but it is still showing the string in plain text.  Anyone have any ideas how we can hide/encrypt the community string or the entire config for that matter?  Either solution would work for us.




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          Mark Roberts



          The hide NCM SNMP Community Strings in the settings refers to the data being displayed in the Web GUI within the SNMP community areas and does not affect the configuration backup text that is saved to either the database or filesystem. Therefore if you have a user with NCM read rights or above, they will still be able to see the SNMP community values in the config backups.


          You need to set the NCM user permissions to None to prevent that account or group from having access to such data and for the file system apply the appropriate Windows permissions to prevent them accessing that folder (which should be set to a network share by the way and not left in the default C:\ProgramData\... folder.

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