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    SNMP and PAN-OS version number?


      We just added some Palo Alto devices to Solarwinds NPM and they aren't showing which PAN-OS version they are running.  I'd like to be able to run a report on this every so often for software compliance levels, but right now my reports just come back with blank column for the version information.


      Has anyone gotten a Palo Alto firewall to show its software version correctly in the node information page?

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          I also have same requirement. I'm using a custom report with node details and software revision which shows the PanOS version as of now.


          To display in the summary page, i have added a custom Universal Device poller with SNMP id obtained from internet.


          Lets wait for some expert to help us.


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            I did build a custom Palo Alto node details poller a while ago that returned the software version, if you go into Manage Pollers in settings, and then Thwack community pollers you should be able to find it to test.

            I can't guarantee it works with the latest versions as we no longer have any Palo devices.