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    Orion NPM 12.2 Search - any way to disable it?


      So, true to Solarwinds fashion, security took a back seat to flashiness. While the new search feature is great for our staff, we have dozens of Solarwinds accounts that have incredibly limited permissions that should only be able to see specific things. When these accounts use the new search feature to search for something generic like 'cisco', guess what? Every single one of our Cisco devices and basic information about them appears in the results. While they don't have access to view these nodes if they click on them, it's infuriating that they show up at all and that view/account limitations aren't taken into consideration when designing things like this.


      I've taken to simply deleting the entire ui/search directory on my additional web server installation, which of course causes errors when trying to search, which in turn I am sure is going to generate tickets from our customers insinuating that society is on the brink of collapse because this one feature doesn't work and how do we fix it and their company pays us absolutely 0 dollars for this courtesy login we provide them and therefore are entitled to some sort of compensation.