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    NPM integration with F5 v. 12.1.2


      Has any integrated the new F5's with SolarWinds? I am seeing a lot of syslog errors from the F5's, due to Solarwinds trying to log into the F5 :


      TDSNWF5EDG02 warning httpd[14786]: [warn] [client x.x.x.x] AUTHCACHE Error processing cookie 333E13ADB91959041B5B3C69188BB11E1CA09BC1 - Cookie user mismatch



      Looking at the F5 support site, I see some mention of this pointing back to iControl as the culprit. Does anyone of the many people here (that are much smarter than me) know how to rectify this...or is this just a NPM and F5 bug? Also, has anyone found a resolution to NPM showing that the overall hardware status is unknown - have the great people at SW updated the MIB DB??